We do what humans can’t – monitor every inch of your workspace, every second of the day.

Forget staring at video footage to identify safety hazards. Our user-friendly interface reports on everything you need to know.


What Our Partners Are Saying

“I’ve spent a lifetime in this industry and thought I saw all the warehousing and security systems bells and whistles. I never saw anything like this.”
- Safety Manager, National Trucking Supply Company

“Kinetic Eye's computer vision technologies are extremely exciting, using equipment we already have in our network to deliver safety and productivity insights and improvement. We look forward to partnering with Kinetic Eye as we advance our global supply chain.”
- Director of Automation Systems, Fortune 500 e-commerce Company

“It’s like having 100 supervisors on staff, all watching for safety issues for the entire shift.”
- Head of Safety, Leading Transportation Logistics Provider

Reduce Accidents 
Monitor vehicle movement and speed. Record near misses and remediate risks.

Improve Compliance
Identify risky behaviors and address compliance issues before they turn into accidents.

Prevent Injuries
Detect improper lifting patterns that lead to repetitive strain and injury.

Take the guesswork out of workplace safety.



Kinetic Eye interprets activities from video feeds and provides alerts you can act on.


Record events that often go unreported. Identify patterns and improve compliance to reduce accidents.


Comprehensive reporting reveals trends and insights into how you can enhance your operations.
Science for Safety

We are computer vision scientists and data

We’ve built AI products for Tesla, Facebook, Google,
and Microsoft.

We developed technology to keep people safe in self-driving cars. And now we’re bringing that technology to industrial workspaces.

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